Saturday, December 13, 2008


Did you know that, when doctors give advice to their patients who are suffering from a well-known chronic illness, only 2% listen and heed the advice?

Have you ever tried to give someone advice which you knew was needed at the moment and yet you could just see the other persons ears closing, their eyes glazing over? You just knew that their thoughts were onto the next thing they intended to do that day. You knew they stopped listening and did not heed your words.

I wonder what that says about us as humans? When God speaks to us through His Word, through the quietness of our hearts, through our circumstances or through others, do we listen? Do we heed His wisdom?

Let’s open our ears and hearts to Him. He just may have something He has been trying to tell you.

Give heed to My reproof; behold, I will pour out My thoughts to you; I will make known My words to you. Proverbs 1:23

Heavenly Father, I am listening to You....

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