Sunday, July 6, 2014


…the godly…even in old age will still produce fruit;  they will remain vital and green.  They will declare, "The Lord is just!  He is my rock!  There is nothing but goodness in Him.."     

                                                                                                                            Psalm 92:12-13

A visit to the greenhouse in early spring is always a delight.  This year seemed to be the year of the Ranunculus.  Everywhere I looked, I saw perfection in those blossoms, buds and leaves. 

The Ranunculus had been grown from bulbs and now were a vision of perfection, at the height of their glory.  Of course they were, they were grown in a greenhouse where conditions are ideal.  The lighting, humidity, temperature , soil, fertilizer and watering schedule were perfectly suited to grow them to perfection.

Of course I adopted a few and brought them home to conditions which were not so perfect.  The temperature was not perfect.   The lighting was different.  The watering schedule  was not as precise…and they began to show signs of being in a world which was not all that perfect.

We, too, are in a world where all is not perfect.  Even before and during birth, we experienced the stresses and strains of being human in a broken world.

As years passed, we broke our bones, we experienced illness, we get older, good and not so good memories are housed within our minds.  When we look  at ourselves today, we know clearly that we have been 'through it' in so many ways.

Yet God, in His wisdom, only allows into our lives that which was and is for our ultimate good as we've matured and grown in our spirits, souls and bodies.  He knows the perfect conditions to grow…each of us. 

We can trust that He knows just what He is doing.  We can say with the Psalmist:
There is nothing but goodness in Him!