Friday, April 17, 2009


Have you ever had a day which was overflowing with back to back appointments and other responsibilities? As you looked at your day, you saw that in no way could you be all of the places you needed to be when you needed to be there. Nor could you see how you could accomplish even half of the tasks you knew you needed to do.

How did you handle it? Did you push on through it all, hoping for the best, falling into bed that night tired and frustrated? Or did you take a moment to pray and ask the Lord to help you arrange your priorities?

Let’s call a halt to any day which threatens to spin out of control. Let’s call upon the Lord to direct our steps so that they did not slip into frustration and irritability. When we ask God’s direction for our day, something wonderful happens. Even though some tasks may be left undone, you will know that the most important responsibilities were taken care of first. Now that’s good planning!

Thou didst give a wide place for my steps under me and my feet did not slip. Psalm 16:36

Heavenly Father, the next time my day begins to spin out of control, please remind me to look to You immediately for Your direction. Actually BEFORE it spins out of control, remind me to look to You for direction - always. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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