Thursday, March 5, 2009


Procrastinating for months, my huge wicker basket of quilt scraps still needed to be sorted by color. The entire job seemed too overwhelming. That’s why it sat untouched.

The basket of scraps was kept under the window in the dining room. Above that perched our air conditioning unit. Unknown to us, water began leaking from the unit into the basket. Drip by drip every square inch of fabric became a soggy mess.

As soon as the problem was realized, out into the sunshine went every scrap in hopes that they would quickly dry. Soon they did! The weatherman, however, probably hadn’t seen it coming, that small gray cloud. Maybe it appeared only over our yard and my fabric. A slow drizzle dampened every inch of fabric again. There was no choice but to drive to the laundromat since we didn’t own a dryer.

After the fabric was dried - again - we journeyed home to begin the tedious task of folding each small piece, placing matching colors in piles and putting them in plastic see-through bags. As I began to grumble and complain, I realized that I had a choice. I could grumble and complain my way through the process or I could recognize God’s hand behind the circumstances and let Him bring good out of the mess. It was time to be thankful and quit fighting God.

When the entire process was completed, I marveled at God’s ways. While I had been procrastinating in doing a job which needed to be done, the Lord used circumstances to push me in the direction He had wanted me to go all along.

This God - his way is perfect . . . . Psalm 18:30

Heavenly Father, no matter what my circumstances, help me to see Your hand at work and to react to You in ways which please You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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