Saturday, March 21, 2009


As the temperatures rise in the spring, there is new life all around us. Small green shoots pop up in the least likely places. The sap in the trees begins to rise - frilly green lace can be seen edging the bushes and trees. Our energy begins to soar as we rake up the winter debris, dig new flower beds and sow seeds. Our minds, too, seem rejuvenated as our thoughts dart here and there thinking up new and creative projects to accomplish.

Spring is a clear picture of God bringing life out of death. Every year spring reminds us of God’s power as shown in the resurrection of Jesus from death and the grave to Life. Not only did Jesus arise from the dead, He came to give us our own resurrection.

Yes, some day our bodies will be raised with Him. In the meantime, we can rejoice that our spirits can be made alive by what He did for us at His death. Because He died in our place, as our substitute, we can be fully alive . . . even now!

I came that they may have Life . . . . Jesus
in John 10:10

Lifegiving Father, please touch my life - spirit, soul and body - with Your resurrection power. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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