Sunday, January 11, 2009


Have you ever had such a busy day that your daily time of prayer, reading Scripture and being still before God fell along the wayside? Were you too busy to sit quietly at the Lord’s feet to listen to what He had to say to you?

By evening you realized that you had not received nourishment for your soul that day. Like trying to catch up on sleep, you found that trying to gather and store spiritual nourishment couldn’t be done either. Then you began to feel guilty, neglecting the Lord the next day . . . and the next. The guilt increased day by day. But you felt so far ‘behind’ that you failed to even try to catch up. What can be done once spiritual malnourishment has set in?

Just like the Israelites of long ago, if they missed a day in gathering and feasting on manna, they just got out there the next day and gathered the portion the Lord had for them that particular day. Once again they were freshly nourished by their heavenly Father.

May we be determined to get out there the next day…and the next…and the next to gather what the Lord has for us. If we miss a day, may we go to the Lord with renewed hunger and thirst for Him the very next day. Our souls will rejoice at being nourished and replenished.

Seek God while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Isaiah 55:6

Heavenly Father, I know I need daily sustenance from You. Please help me to carve out a time daily to meet with You to receive what You have for me that day. I don't want to miss out. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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