Saturday, January 3, 2009


Have you ever looked at your family members in the morning wondering what adventures each would experience that day? Your spouse may be on the road seeing clients. One child may be just starting a new job. Another child may be busy riding bikes and climbing trees. Each person’s tasks are full of possible dangers. Will your family members all return safely home that night? Will you again gather together to laugh and enjoy each other? Will you again sit around the dinner table? Will you enjoy doing those commonplace, special things together?

Daily we must put our family members in God’s wise loving hands. He will protect and guide each one. He will bring each home or will give us the strength to bear it if something untoward should happen. Either way, we are safe in His kind care.

The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from another. Genesis 31:49

Heavenly Father, please protect those who live under the same roof as I. At the end of each day, please bring us together again, thankful that we have walked safely through this world another day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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