Wednesday, February 11, 2009


One day we prepared to set out on an errand about ten miles from home. Before we left, our daughter decided to have a quick breakfast so her stomach wouldn’t be empty. We waited for her to eat, trying not to become impatient with the delay. Ten minutes later, we headed out the door.

Arriving at our destination, we noticed a man and his car were imprisoned inside a fenced area. Apparently the electrical power had gone out and he was trapped. Tugging and pulling at the closed gate, the man’s consternation was readily evident.

As we witnessed the man’s struggle, it was apparent that the delay at home had resulted in a perfectly timed and choreographed adventure, staged by our kind heavenly Father. If we had arrived ten minutes earlier as planned, we would have been stuck, too.

Instead, of being trapped, we were able to lend assistance, freeing the man from imprisonment. He was gleeful. God’s timing is always perfect!

My times are in thy hands. Psalm 31:15

Heavenly Father, the next time I become frustrated by delays, help me to rest assured that You have it all under Your control. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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