Friday, July 24, 2009


Have you noticed that if we aren’t careful to guard our minds and hearts, anxiety will begin to consume us? We humans tend to be anxious about many things - that is why Jesus warned about that tendency of ours when he said: “Consider the lilies . . . ”.

Whenever you hear the word ‘lily’, if you live out in the country, do you think of the day lilies which bloom along the roadside in brilliant orange?

Recently I was introduced to an entire new world of lilies. My co-workers who are fanatic gardeners (in a good way), graced the office with a sampling of their backyard lilies. What a variety of colors - peach, mauve, gold, apricot, amber. Some were speckled, some were a mix of colors. Even their names reflected their loveliness - Red Hot, Stargazer, Orange Electra, D’Oro.

As I think of those lilies, Jesus’ words take on a whole new meaning as He admonishes us not to be anxious about our lives: “Consider the lilies . . . ” in Luke 12:27.

If God can clothe the lilies of the field so magnificently, certainly He can (and does) care for us!

So, this week, let’s ‘consider the lilies,’ recognizing God’s creative and kind care of us.

Consider the lilies, how they grow.... Luke 12:27

Creator of the universe, I thank You for Your kind care of me! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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