Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We know a man who lived a very successful, self-sufficient life well into his 80s. He was healthy, made a good living and cared for his family.

One day an illness paralyzed him, confining him to a wheelchair. He became frustrated at his helplessness, angry at anyone who tried to help. He was miserable and made everyone else miserable who came in contact with him.

In the past when he met adversity, he reacted in exactly the same way - with anger and bitterness. Now, years later, he still reacts in the same way- this time against the ill health which stands in his path.

What a warning this should be to us who believe in God’s goodness. When adversity crosses our path, do we allow anger and bitterness to creep in or do we allow God to use the trouble as a refining influence?

God gives grace to the humble.

Heavenly Father, please empower me to humbly accept the easy parts of my life but also the more difficult parts. In Jesus' name. Amen

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Indian Lake Papa said...

I do not like adversity - but, I am doing better at surrender when it crosses my path. It throws me for a loop when I can"t "fix" it. Fortunately, God is patient with me.