Sunday, June 21, 2009


We’ve all been there - at a mall or arts and crafts show where the crushing crowds threaten to sidetrack us from our mission. All we want to do is to head home with our loved one. You both have had enough for the day and are ready to depart. Your loved one says, “Follow me,” knowing a direct route to freedom... and home. You begin to follow, eyes forward, keeping your loved one in sight at all times. Then the crush of the crowd, the sights and sounds of the place all tempt you to takes your eyes off the one you are following. Soon you have lost sight of who you were following and where you were going. You know you will never reach home unless you again connect. Quick - find him, close the gap, head home.

How similar this scenario is to our following Jesus. He tells us, “Follow Me.” We begin - but then we look around at other things. We almost lose our way until we realize - He is still there, look to Him, close the gap. He will lead us safely Home.

Follow me . . . . Matthew 4:19

Heavenly Father, please help me to keep my eyes on You, following closely. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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